Frequently asked questions...and our answers:
What is rattan? Rattan is a tropical climbing palm. It's solid core and resilient strength make it perfect for furniture and the nations of Southeast Asia use it as a building material for their huts.
How long does it last? When constructed properly, rattan furniture will last 50+ years with little maintenance.
Is rattan used outdoors? Not recommended because the ends fibrous and will absorb water and eventually rot.  Humidity, on the other hand, is beneficial.
Where is rattan from? Philippines, Indonesia, and many small countries in that area.
Do you refinish, repair or re-web old rattan?

Yes, with 40 years experience, we can repair most items.  We refinish, but do no stripping of furniture.  We carry webbing and clips for you to do or we offer this service.

Do you make zippered cushion covers and outdoor cushions? Yes, we have a large selection of fabrics and books to choose from or you can bring your own fabric and we will do the labor.
Do you reupholster? We only do minor reupholstery, such as dining seats. We can recommend some upholsterers that work with us.
Do you sell fabrics by the yard? Yes, we have a good selection of Bark cloth and other cotton prints.
Do you carry outdoor wicker? Yes, we have several suppliers. We have conveniently linked to their websites so you can browse for ideas.